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YTM is a ‘Business Innovation Hub’ to create & implement innovative & excellent business models. We promote startups & entrepreneur to bring their ideas to the light.

Bangladesh is a golden gate of opportunities for the startups & entrepreneurs. It has a great potential to be the center for future businesses. The youth in Bangladesh are tremendously talented. With proper incubation of ideas, they can create companies like Google, Apple or Samsung. This country is densely populated with continuous demand of new & innovative products & services for its 168 million people. This is perfect to attract fabulous business concepts into the market. Proper hatching of these ideas will rule the market for future businesses. Our goal is to create new ventures & promote new startups with all sorts of incubation facilities. We’ve an extensive affiliation with the most influential market players to facilitate & incubate great ideas.

Currently, we’re working on ‘Digital Inclusion’ for different sectors of Bangladesh. We are gradually moving with our concurrent initiatives along with upcoming projects to facilitate the future Bangladesh.

Current Ventures

Eight distinct projects are currently ongoing on Digital Inclusion for different sectors of Bangladesh.

Getting a visa before traveling is an unavoidable and difficult task to accomplish. This is because proper information is not often available. Furthermore, out of 200 countries, only 45 countries have embassies in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizens have to go to a third country like India or Sri Lanka to process visas for those countries, but not anymore! VISAThing! brings you the ease and convenience of processing visas for more than 70 countries which do not have embassies in Bangladesh. You no longer need to go to a third country; instead you can apply directly from Bangladesh through our office. We also have a database of visa information for over 200 Countries in our website for Bangladeshi nationals.

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Almost all the time, we receive a complaint from visa seekers that their visa is refused without any reasonable cause. They may have applied by themselves or by a third party and got a refusal. We have seen, for almost 80% cases, the refusal happens for incomplete visa application; usually for not knowing the proper application system. Our Challenge is to cater proper information to the visa seekers along with providing a comprehensive one-stop processing support where the reason of visa refusal can be minimized in a maximum level with professionalism.

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VISAThing! for Student provides different kinds of services for the students where they can take a support as per their exact demand. Under the 3 services, we offer a wide range of information about countries, foreign universities and visas. Start your research now and choose what is suitable for you!

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Bangladesh is a land of cultural diversity with brave history, numerous rivers, lovely hills, long beaches, vast forests, distinct foods & many more things. All these features explain the inner beauty of Bangladesh. Offroad Bangladesh identifies these beauties as individual locations. It offers you to search the details of all exotic places in great way to enhance your travel experience.

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A promising Food tech startup that bridges the connection between the Home-Chefs and the Food Lovers who are craving for home-made foods. Our dedicated Home-Chefs are preparing food by the best ingredients using healthier cooking methods at their own home kitchen. For reaching out to customer, we have a well-trained delivery team.

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Let us take the hassle and you stay home. Shopping daily groceries needs an extravagant amount of time and patience. Visiting the local grocery shop, bazaar or buying from the hawkers for wholesome and fresh organic food, carrying and paying hefty bills on transportation can strain your nerves. We deliver farm fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the producer to your door. Our quality control experts conduct quality checks before disposing the products to your door. We’ll make sure you get the best products which our experienced team will sort at our sophisticated sorting center, place properly in carts and our covered delivery van will make sure the freshness remains safe from outside environment while transporting to your door. Our procurement team spent good amount of time establishing connections with growers and suppliers from different part of the country. These connections give us the edge in quality and versatility.

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Marketearz is here to make your brands grow and thrive in today’s competitive and changing markets. We are here to ride the big Digital wave; offering our clients value-for-money ideas, where each spending is justified and fruitful. In the fields of Advertising, Creativity, and Digital Marketing, we are a strong team of experts who can synergize their talents and experience to create powerful campaigns that work.

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UniClient Technologies is a trailblazing tech company leading the charge in digital innovation, dedicated to solving complex industrial problems through cutting-edge digital products. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach keep us at the forefront of market-leading disruptors who are revolutionizing the industry landscape.

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